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The pain points

  • Assumptions that all assets were at risk from cyclones and floods because they are in North Queensland
  • Massive price increases despite few claims
  • If the Cathedral suffered a total loss, the Diocese would rebuilt at lower the current replacement value
  • The Diocese was paying extra for buildings that, if total loss occurred, they would not be rebuilt
  • Some buildings not included at all
  • Low sub-limits for flood
  • A high excess meant the Diocese always had to make a co-payment on any claim that was made

The tailored solution

  • Our Actuaries determined the true risk exposure, and the price reflected this assessment
  • Significantly fairer price than the FY20 400% increase
  • The Cathedral is covered for the desired rebuild cost, lowering the overall price
  • 'Make safe’ only protection to buildings not requiring rebuild; this also lowered the overall price 
  • All buildings included with the right level of protection 
  • Unreasonable sub-limits have been removed
  • Instead of an excess, the Diocese chose a hurdle where:
  • Any claim below the hurdle, the Diocese pays in full
  • Any claim above the hurdle, Our Ark pays in full


Our Ark protects property, contents, money and equipment breakdown.
Business Interruption is specifically for Dioceses and Churches.

Faith Industrial Special Risk Protection
Put your faith in Our Ark Mutual to safeguard your community. Our Faith ISR includes the protection inclusions needed to protect your community.
Read the PDS
Solutions for other categories can be provided, if required.

Get A Quote

Our Ark examines risks differently to create our bespoke quotes.

We make no assumptions based on your previous policies.

  • We examine each property in detail - its location, its fabrication, its exposures and more.
  • We make informed assessments to ensure fair pricing for the true risks that your business faces.
  • Plus, we'll share our insights with you, so your risk management practices can evolve to the next level.

To assess the true risks, we review your data in detail.

Where possible, and to expedite your Quote, please attach:

  • Your current renewal, if you have one
  • Your current policy, if you have one
  • Your assets register of property addresses & valuations, if it’s not included in the current policy
  • The claims history
  • Any other reports that may be relevant to your assets (eg. Fire report, Cyclone assessments etc)
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Real members getting real value from Our Ark

"We've had very few claims over the past 10 years & we were still presented with a premium increase of more than 500%.

We thought about self-insuring, but the risk was too high.

Picnic came along at just the right time to design, launch, and run Our Ark Mutual & they haven't put a foot wrong!"

The Venerable
Christopher Wright OAM

Archdeacon of theAnglican Diocese of North Queensland

"Normally we accept annual price increases for insurance.

Yet, we have saved more than 20% compared to 2020.

Plus, we have broader protection, which gives us peace of mind.”

Dave Kernick
Chief Executive Officer

Kuruah Local Aboriginal Land Council

“We saved 50% off the last premium and we have more things included.

It’s been a huge saving for our community-run childcare centre.

The savings can be spent on things that our centre needs for our educators and children.”


Child Care Centre Victoria

“A few years ago, the local river flooded our Community Hall and we made a claim. We have done a lot of work to decrease the chance of this happening again.

Yet last renewal, no insurer would provide a quote.

Our Ark provided a fair price, and they respected the work we’d done to mitigate the risk. They factored in our hard work to protect our hall.”

Barry Kennett

The Black River Beach Residents Association



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Fewer exclusions No excess

better price

True risk assessment of all assets leads to better prices

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