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Protection for Community-focused organisations

How Our Ark collaborates with Brokers & Advisors

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Our actuarial team works with brokers and their clients to gain an in-depth understanding of what needs protection. Together, risks are examined and the previous claims history is explored to create a comprehensive view.

The result is a bespoke quote for risk protection that reflects the true assets, risk and needs of the organisation.​

To understand the few exclusions that apply to Our Ark Risk Protection, read the current PDS for religious organisations. Similar exclusions will apply to the protection for other Members.

​If a broker does not have a licence that allows them to provide a risk protection quote to their client, we will work directly with the client, while keeping the referring broker informed of progress.

The Our Ark Referral Program

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Our Ark is operated by Picnic Labs, via its unique, turn-key solutions for Mutuals. Picnic Labs provides governance, actuarial, compliance, marketing, sales and claims services. For this service, Picnic receives a Mutual Management Fee. These fees are funded from the pooling of the contributions paid by members for risk protection.

​Parties that introduce new members are appropriately remunerated for the effort. Referral fees are paid to approved participants in the Referral Program. The fee is a share of the management fee Picnic receives for that new member - for the first year and subsequent years.​

The Referral Program is designed for all brokers and advisors, those with and without a licence to directly advise on risk protection products.​

Our Ark Risk Protection

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Our Ark tailors protection to meet the needs of different types of members.
To understand how this works, read the PDS, designed specifically for religious organisations, that is currently in market.​ We are currently working with other member types, including:

  • aged care providers
  • childcare services
  • schools
  • not-for-profit organisations and,
  • aged care providers
  • community groups,

​to define the cover needed for:

  • property
  • contents
  • money
  • business interruption
  • equipment and mechanical breakdowns and,
  • the increased cost of working.​

Fairer protection products

We have a broad range of alternative insurance products
that can be used to create the protection you need.

Education Industrial Special Risks Protection
Protect your staff and students with risk protection that protects you as well as them giving you peace of mind.
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Early Learning & Childcare Industrial Special Risk Protection
A flexible solution that’s been designed for the specific needs of early learning & childcare providers.
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Aged & Disability Care Industrial Special Risk Protection
One product with all the aged & disability care risk protection features you need to start, run, and grow your community.
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Other Community Group Industrial Special Risk Protection
With you whatever you’re doing, you proudly operate a community group. You’re making a difference. When you're at the heart of your community, our ISR product has you protected.
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Faith Industrial Special Risk Protection
Put your faith in Our Ark Mutual to safeguard your community. Our Faith ISR includes the protection inclusions needed to protect your community.
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