How we Quote

Our Ark examines risks differently to create our bespoke quotes.

We make no assumptions based on your previous policies.

  • We examine each property in detail - its location, its fabrication, its exposures and more.

  • We make informed assessments to ensure fair pricing for the true risks that your business faces.

  • ... Plus, we'll share our insights with you, so your risk management practices can evolve to the next level.

To assess the true risks, we review your data in detail.

Where possible, and to expedite your Quote, please attach:

  • Your current renewal, if you have one

  • Your current policy, if you have one

  • Your assets register of property addresses & valuations, if it’s not included in the current policy

  • The claims history

  • Any other reports that may be relevant to your assets (eg. Fire report, Cyclone assessments etc)

Request your Quote

If available, please upload your current renewal, most recent policy and asset information, claims or the details of what needs protection. 

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