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The mission of Our Ark is to protect organisations that build and connect communities with our risk protection products, as an alternative to insurance.

All Our Ark Members contribute to the long-term effectiveness of the communities that they serve - and they deserve an insurance alternative that meets their needs.

As a not-for-profit, customer-owned organisation, Our Ark exists to enable our customers to protect themselves, in a group that understands their purpose.

Our Ark Mutual has been created by customers & designed by insurance experts,

Our Ark Mission - self insurance alternatives

Our Board

Our Ark Chair - Rowan Ward

rowan ward


Our Ark Member Director - Archdeacon Chris Wright

chris wright


Our Ark Non-Executive Director - David Rockley

david rockley

non-executive director

Our Ark CEO - Charles Pollack

charles pollack

ceo & director

Our Ark Non-Executive Director - Mark Arnold

mark arnold


Our Ark Company Secretary - Chris Overs


COMpany secretary

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