How to refer customers to Our Ark

Our Ark welcomes inquiries & requests for quotes from insurance brokers & others.
How brokers work with Our Ark is determined by their Australian Financial Services License (AFSL).
Check your AFSL for the inclusion of Miscellaneous Financial Risk products.
Or, talk to us to learn more.

Non insurance professionals may register to refer clients for protection.

These professional include:
- Accountants, architects
- Property & maintenance providers
- Risk management advisors
- Anyone wanting to support their local community to prosper.


If your AFSL does not include miscellaneous financial risk products, Our Ark provides a referral program to enable your clients to be protected & regulatory obligations are met.

Our Ark will educate each client & understand their needs. Our Ark presents the quote to your client.


If your AFSL does include miscellaneous financial risk products, there is no change to your current way of working with your clients.

Our Ark will work with you to understand the needs of your clients, and provide the quote directly to you for presentation to your client.


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Professional training for Brokers on Miscellaneous Financial Risk products is exclusively available at: