Our Ark Mutual is a Discretionary Mutual that provides risk protection, as an alternative to insurance, to organisations that are at the heart of their local community.

Currently, Our Ark provides risk protection for buildings, contents, business interruption and other operating functions. In the future, additional products, such as liability, fleet and others, will be added.


How did Our Ark begin?

After receiving a renewal with a 500% increase, one Anglican Diocese had no alternative other than to operate with uninsured buildings.

After hearing similar stories from other organisations, this Diocese sponsored the creation of Our Ark - a discretionary mutual for all organisations that connect communities together.

Now Our Ark protects community-connecting organisations across Australia including community housing, child care centres, land councils, regional accommodation providers, charities, other churches & faith-base organisations and more.

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The Venerable Christopher Wright OAM

The History of Our Ark Mutual

Our Ark Mutual was created to provide a fair alternative to insurance for Australian organisations that are critical to their local community.
December 2020
The capital to launch Our Ark Mutual was provided by the Foundation Member, and associated organisations that supported the need to provide an alternative to insurance for community-focused organisations.

Capital was provided through a private Mutual Capital Instrument (MCI) raise.
THE Mutual Manager of Our Ark
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Our Ark is a Discretionary Mutual Fund and  launched in December 2020 with the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland as the Foundation Member.

>> What's a Discretionary Mutual Fund?

Our Ark is operated in Australia and backed by global re-insurance.

Our Ark currently offers industrial special risk protection, buildings, contents, equipment breakdown, consequential loss and money as an alternative to insurance to organisations throughout Australia.

As a Mutual, each organisation with Our Ark risk protection, becomes a part-owner in the company.

This means customers are truly at the heart of the organisation, and the risk protection products are designed to meet the needs of members.

Since its launch, some organisations and individuals have chosen to also support the Mutual by investing in additional Mutual capital instruments (MCI). Membership is not contingent upon contributing to the MCI pool.

The Our Ark membership spans early care & education centres, community housing, indigenous businesses, land councils, regional hotels, holiday parks & accommodation providers, churches, community sporting clubs and other organisations that connect their local communities together.