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 1300 687 275 (24 hours a day x 7 days a week)

Ensure your safety and the safety of others as a priority.

When you call, please have your policy details ready.

If your claim is for electrical or equipment items, please have the serial number ready.

If your claim is caused by theft, please contact your local Police station and obtain a report.

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Information we'll need

We will need to know

  • The business name and address of relevant property
  • The location of the damage
  • The extent of the damage and details of any health and safety concerns
  • An estimate of the damage
  • A contact name, email and phone number

Steps you SHOULD take now

  • Your safety and the safety of others is the priority, call 000 if an ambulance, police or fire response is needed.
  • If it is safe to enter the property, take photos or video of any damage or loss
  • If it is unsafe to enter the property, please await direction from emergency services
  • Secure the premises and put appropriate measures in place to minimise further loss or damage
  • Should you need to dispose of any property due to health and safety concerns, please take photos or video of the damaged items