Tools, information and apps to help you prepare for weather & natural perils events

December 15, 2023
Our Ark Mutual

In readiness for the Summer ahead, here are some key resources.

For any potential emergency, to preserve life & limit damage: PLAN – ACT - RECOVER

Key Tools

-      BOM – get up to date forecasts, alerts and warnings

-      BOM Radar – track weather events

-      ABC Emergency – stay up to date with all emergency events in Australia

-      Local & State Emergency Services – a list of all services across Australia

-      Find your local ABC Radio station that will broadcast alerts, warnings

-      Power company contacts to report outages after an event

-      Apps to help you in an emergency – official state and national emergency apps

From anywhere in Australia, call 132 500
for the SES for emergency assistance.

-      Be ready – what to take if you’ve got 10 minutes to evacuate

-      What to have in your emergency kit


-      Getting ready for cyclone season (Video)

-      How to Plan and Prepare for a cyclone (Video)

-      Planning for a Cyclone: tips that may save your life

-      What to do during a cyclone

-      What to do after a cyclone


-      Be prepared for floods, flash floods and water surge events


-      Fire ratings explained

-      Fire ratings explained (Video)

-      How to prepare for bushfire season

-      What you’ll need in your bushfire survival kit

-      What to do during a bushfire

-      What to do after a bushfire has passed


-      How to prepare for storm season

-      What to do in a storm or severe weather

-      What to do after a storm

-      Understanding hail – how it forms, size and potential damage


-      How to be prepared for an earthquake – what to do before, during & after an earthquake

If you, or someone you know, is in distress please call: